Create your own interactive teaching tools and track your student work...

or let your students be the creative ones !

Create your own interactive teaching tools

Simple and fast editor

100% WYSIWYG, integrated sketching, templates for fast creation

Create interactive books...

Faster and easier than a slideshow. Just fill the pages, but with interactive content !

...or non linear slideshows

Maximised pages, so you control the reader path with buttons and actions

Be creative !

Compose from a blank page, or modify a template. 20 element types are available, which allows lots of possibilities and tricks.

Be interactive !

Texts, images, buttons, timers,... every element allows interaction. Make things appear, disappear, start and react !

Track your student work

Easy and convenient

All the student work is online and displayed on a single panel. You have scores, time passed, access log, but also...

Everything is recorded !

All the changes made by your students is recorded (text, sketches, drag and drops,...). They can continue later, and you can keep track of their work.

Work-based interaction

You also can write and sketch on the pages to comment your students work, and communicate with them. Simple and natural, like when you do it with paper.

Let your students be the creative ones !

Simplified editor

The basic editor is optimised for student creation. Quick and easy to learn !

Activity control

You can prebuild, choose what your students can add, define a list of resources,...

Collective work

Fuse pages from multiple students works to generate a collective book.

From students to students

Transform a student-made course into an activity for the others students !

Starter account

  • 5 activities
  • 30 students
  • 30 works
  • 5 Mb
  • No Shares
  • No creation by students
  • No Export

Free - Email registration

Individual subscription

  • 25 to 250 activities
  • 50 to 500 students
  • 250 to 2500 works
  • 100 to 1000 Mb
  • Shared students and works
  • Creation by students
  • Content export

~ 2€ to 15€ / month

School subscription

  • 25 activities × teachers
  • 50 students × teachers
  • 250 works × teachers
  • 100 Mb × teachers
  • Share students and works
  • Creation by students
  • Content export

~ 2€ to 3€ / teacher / month